Contrary to Negative Narratives Idaho is a Top State in Spending State Revenue On Education

A lot of negative statistics are thrown around to argue that the Idaho legislature does not spend enough on Education. The National Education Association report "Rankings of the States 2017" contains some very interesting education statistics which are both positive and negative for Idaho; however, Idaho cannot be faulted for being stingy on spending state revenue for Education. According to the 2017 report Idaho ranks 3rd for the percentage of state revenue spent on education after only Vermont and Hawaii. Idaho also ranks 48th in the percentage of local revenue spent on education. That is quite contrary to the narrative that the state under-spends and the locals have to over-spend to fund education. When compared to other states, Idaho is far ahead in keeping Education at the top of the priority list through the use of state funding. I am committed to maintaining that high priority, including continued build out of the career ladder, advanced opportunity funding for students and technical education funding to name a few recent program boosts that the legislature has implemented.