• 4th generation Idahoan
  • Married 42 years to Helen; 8 children, 26 grandchildren
  • 38 year resident of District 15
  • Attorney and small business owner



When I first considered running for the legislature, I had already studied proposed legislation and testified in legislative hearings. I had observed that too many bills contained special privileges for a few at the expense of the average citizen. I was concerned about growth of government, and its appetite for regulating life and consuming taxpayer resources. As an elected legislator, my concerns remain the same.  I believe my concerns have been reflected in my debate and votes in the House.  My view is that every proposed law should be carefully examined to determine:

  • Is government action really required?
  • Are constitutional rights preserved?
  • Are financial costs fully disclosed?
  • If legislation is needed, is the proposed solution:


I believe good government requires, and the citizens of Idaho deserve, this type of consideration on every piece of legislation. I am dedicated to continuing this model of analysis as we look for solutions to current issues while preserving our liberty and great state of Idaho.  

Personal Details

Lynn Luker

Age: 65 years old

Birthplace: Idaho Falls, Idaho


University of California at Berkeley

A.B. in Political Science

1974 - 1977

University of Idaho

J.D. Degree in Law

1977 - 1980

Political Experience

State Representative

District 15A | December 2006 - December 2018 | Boise

---STANDING HOUSE COMMITTEES: CHAIR, Judiciary, Rules & Administration Committee, Member, State Affairs and Local Government Committees; Past CHAIR, Local Government (2015-2016), VICE CHAIR, Judiciary & Rules (2011-2014); Past member, Health & Welfare (2007-2010). ---SELECT COMMITTEES: Member, House Ethics Committee (2013-2018), Past Chair (2013-2014). --- INTERIM COMMITTEES: CO-CHAIR, Justice Reinvestment Oversight Committee (2017-2018); Member, Administrative Hearing Officer Interim Committee (2016-2017), Foster Care Interim Committee (2016-2017), Health Care Task Force (2013-2015), Public Defense Reform Interim Committee (2013-2015), and Urban Renewal Interim Committee (2008). --- ADDITIONAL LEGISLATIVE ASSIGNMENTS: Member, Board of Juvenile Corrections (2017- 2018); Member, Idaho Criminal Justice Commission (2017-2018).

Work Experience


Private Practice | August 1982 - Present

Represents injured workers, including laborers, professionals, business owners and government officials.

Supreme Court Law Clerk

Idaho Supreme Court | July 1980 - July 1982

Law Clerk to Chief Justice Robert E. Bakes